The Benefits of On-Site Data Management

In the business world, keeping data safe and available at all times is of the utmost importance. However, there can be controversy over whether it’s better to manage your data on-site or offsite. Although there are pros and cons to both options and it can depend on the industry your business is in, there are distinct benefits to onsite data management.


7 Ways To Easily Speed Up Old Technology

Technology plays a large part in almost every aspect of business and pleasure in the world today. Those that do not have access to the latest and greatest are seen to be in a state similar to starvation by those that do. While it seems ridiculous when described in that manner, if you take a step back and look at all of the recent human achievements made possible by technological advancements, it may not seem so far fetched. Advancements in tech have allowed for the eradication of diseases and the ability for companies to manufacture clothing in bulk for a fraction of what it used to cost. It has allowed for the automation of tedious tasks and made managing daily activities as simple as a few clicks on your computer or even a swipe on a smartphone.


What to Look for in Onsite Computer Support

computer support personScheduling onsite computer support can make a business owner or IT manager feel vulnerable. After all, you’ll be trusting outsiders with their company’s technology – likely a very important aspect of your business, if not the core of it. Small businesses use computers for everything from accounting to webinars. But according to SMB Group 2014, 27% of small businesses have no IT support.

It’s best not to wait for a nerve-racking emergency that necessitates a search for outside IT support in the midst of downtime that is costing your company money every minute. You can find the right provider now, while things are (relatively) calm. Here are five items to assess when looking for an onsite computer support company: (more…)