6 Benefits of Switching Your Small Business to Cloud Computing

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More and more small businesses are converting their data to the cloud. According to Forbes, 78% of small businesses will have completely switched to the cloud by 2020. How do you know if the cloud will be the best fit for your business?

Cloud computing is a great way for business owners to spend less money, employees to work more efficiently, and the business to grow. Here are 6 reasons why your business should be using the cloud: (more…)

Data Recovery: What it is, and how it works

Data loss occurs can occur in a variety of ways — from the mundane striking of the wrong key at the wrong moment to a cataclysmic weather event – but the results are almost always catastrophic from the loss of irreplaceable family photographs to destruction of valuable company financial reports.

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However it occurs and whatever is lost, the good news is that most data is recoverable. (more…)

Data Backup and Recovery Tips

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How long could your business survive without its data?

The thought of losing all their computer data sends shivers down the spines of many business owners. Depending on the company’s use of technology, the time and expense of recovery could range from mildly stressful to catastrophic. There are organizations that never recover all their lost data and companies that suffer for months or even years after losing software, customer records, business documentation and much more.

Done properly, data backup can help you streamline the process of recovery and give you back more of your lost files. Although some degree of recovery is often possible with no backups, it is more time-consuming and costly, and there are no guarantees on what can be restored. With this in mind, here are some data backup and recovery tips for business owners. (more…)