More and more businesses are relinquishing their network control to Managed Services Provider (MSP) like DataOne What is an MSP?  An MSP is a company that remotely or onsite, manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model.  Whether it is because of IT budgets shrinking, the freeing up of resources or lower cost of ownership – outsourcing the IT management of part of or your entire organization’s network may be an option you should seriously consider.

Are you considering outsourcing your network management for your business? Are you wondering about the advantages of doing so? Here are five benefits of outsourcing the IT Management of your organization:

  1. Increased Efficiency
    Many organizations have grown accustomed to the “seat of your pants” method of tracking and responding to computer crashes or network outages and remediation your organization. With an MSP monitoring an organization’s network 24/7, problems are instantly and automatically reported and remediation is started immediately.
  2. Decreased Downtime and Risk
    have the “one up” on any adverse events by actually detecting imminent failures before they occur allowing remediation efforts to begin to avert the failure from ever happening and thereby reducing downtime and risk for your organization.
  3. Capacity Planning Data
    Since MSP’s continually monitor all aspects of an organization’s IT infrastructure, the data captured, performance and capacity of file system space, database size, network bandwidth, etc. can be used to make educated and informed decisions in planning for your organization’s future capacity and performance needs and scalability.
  4. Up-To-Date Patch Management
    Is your IT management able to handle adverse events while at the same time managing patches, hotfixes, and security updates continuously? MSP’s have the wherewithal to handle both with ease and make sure that your vendor support is never forfeited due to being too far behind in updates and patches.
  5. Knowing Your Infrastructure Better Than You
    There are a lot of little things that are overlooked or missed in an organization’s IT infrastructure
    due to lack of time, resources and specialized expertise. A qualified managed service provider is constantly on the lookout for anything that will put the client’s IT environment at risk. For example, operating system upgrades or devices that are nearing end of life are addressed before they become a problem.

As you can see, there are many benefits to outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure/network to a Managed Services Provider. Bottom line: you will save time, money and headaches for yourself and your organization.