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VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is something that almost all businesses will utilize at some point in their lifespan but what exactly is it? Voice Over Internet Protocol is technology that allows you to make phone calls using the internet rather than regular telephone lines.

Now even if you’ve never heard the term VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol before, it is almost a sure thing that you have either used this technology or at least know a VoIP service. The most common VoIP service in use today is probably Skype. Skype, like most VoIP services, allows you to make free voice and video calls to anyone, any where in the world using an app that you can download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Now Skype is not the only VoIP service out there. Just do an internet search for VoIP and you will be greeted with a plethora of options to use both in your private life and for your business. Some services do have a fee for using advanced features especially if the service is used in a business setting however most offer limited free services and many times that’s all anyone needs anyway.

Many businesses, however, convert to using only VoIP services rather than using traditional telephone systems and there are many reasons for that conversion. Below are just the top 3 Advantages of incorporating VoIP services into your organization.

Top 3 Advantages Of VoIP

Saves Money

Using VoIP services can save you quite a lot when it comes to your telephone expenses. The main reasons for these savings are lower initial equipment cost, reduced or no wiring required, and the fact that making local and international calls via VoIP decreases costs quite radically compared to regular telephone services.

A report by IT World found that small businesses that used VoIP saved up to 40% on the cost of their local calls. Another case study written about by PC world found that businesses that have at least 30 phone users saved $1,200 a month once they switched to VoIP. And lastly, another report stated that Dell saved over $39.5 million when they used VoIP for its mobile workforce. So the savings are very real and very tangible.

Better Productivity

One of the great things about using VoIP systems is that as long as there is an internet connection you can use the service from anywhere. This allows greater productivity for all your employees especially those that work from home or are required to be on the move all the time.

Being able to access the VoIP services from anywhere allows employees to work from anywhere and stay productive without having to be locked to their desk at the office. Most VoIP services have apps that can be downloaded to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to facilitate that ongoing productivity.

Extra Features and Functionality

VoIP also offers a lot of extra features and functionalities that you won’t get with regular telephone services. One of the biggest features is that you can take your VoIP phone service with you using downloadable apps to your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Other features and functionalities include being able to receive voice mails and faxes directly to your email, the ability to get virtual phone numbers with any area code you require, and the ability to use call forwarding from your VoIP number to any other phone number. This is especially handy if there is ever an issue with your internet connection. Having this option set up and ready to go will allow the VoIP service to automatically forward any calls to the phone number you specified whenever necessary.

As you can see, just the savings alone may be a valid reason to use VoIP over traditional telephone lines. However, even if you’re not ready to completely go off the traditional telephone system, adding a VoIP connection can still help save you and your business money as well as increase productivity and functionality in the long run.

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