About DataOne

A Few Words About Us

Computer Services for Businesses

DataOne Networks offers an array of computer services for businesses to help companies in the Ocala / Marion County area get the most out of their computers and networks. Our highly trained computer technicians provide onsite network support, including PC repair and laptop maintenance, computer networking systems integration & strategy, network support, VPN / WAN Solutions, Wireless Network configuration, data back up & recovery services, firewall & security configuration, server administration, and so much more.

Our Growth in Ocala / Marion County, FL

DataOne Networks began its life in 1994 as Atlas Computers. Initially the company catered more to consumer PCs in Ocala, FL rather than business services; although from the beginning we had a few regular business customers and offered limited business network support. As we grew, we added more and more computer network and information technology services, as well as server equipment and software sales. Very early on we developed a reputation for high quality and value rather than discount systems. As we found our niche in business computer networking and technology support, we became much more service-oriented. In August 2005, we retired the Atlas name in favor of DataOne Networks, which is a much better description of the company we are today. Building computers is only a small part of our business today, while the most important part of our business has become servicing local customers.

Our Mission: Helping Our Customers Grow

Today we are much more than just a box builder. DataOne's clients benefit from doing business with us - from reduced downtime to increased productivity and improved responsiveness to their own customers. As a result, our clients make more money. Our top priority is to help our customers make informed decisions about the best technology and computer solutions for their businesses. Not necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive, but the most cost-effective for them and their future plans. DataOne is focused on long-term relationships and partnering with our customers to help them grow their business. If we help you grow, you will be more than happy to help us grow. As our President, Greg Petry, always emphasizes, our mission is to help each customer leverage technology to grow their business. Every one of our computer technicians takes this mission to heart.

Satisfied Customers