Network Infrastructure

Planning your Network

Planning your Network

Network Architecture and Infrastructure

Network infrastructure, or network architecture, refers to a group of interconnected computers linked and supported by the various types of telecommunications components. Specifically, network infrastructure refers to the organization and configuration of computers, network cabling, servers, routers, wireless routers, switches, hubs, network protocols, and access points. It also addresses network access methodologies and the use of wired and/or wireless network access.

Secure Network Infrastructure

Network security should usually be a business' primary concern when planning their network infrastructure. The certified network technicians at DataOne Networks have over 15 years of experience configuring complex, high-performance networks that protect your company's data and network security. Depending on your specific needs, they'll use routers and firewalls, along with software that helps you set up user-access control, data packet monitoring, and strictly defined network and access protocols. Security can also be controlled by adjusting network sharing properties on individual users' systems, which limits the folders and files that can be seen by other users on the network.

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