How To Keep Your Texts And Phone Calls Private

Lately there have been a lot of concerns about privacy when it comes to the texts and phone calls we send. Not all messenger and phone apps are created equal. Many make it very easy for the contents of text messages and phone calls to be intercepted and hijacked by hackers known as a Man-in-the-middle attack. In addition to that, many are easy for other agencies to breach your right to privacy without any notice or reason.

Now for the most part, that last one is not an issue unless you’re up to something nefarious, which we’ll assume you’re not. However, when it comes to using their phones most people would like to know that their messages, no matter how ‘vanilla’ they are, are secure and not privy to prying eyes.

The issue with many texting and phone apps is that not all provide end-to-end encryption, which leaves your messages and phone calls vulnerable to being intercepted by people you had no intention of sending it to. Now messaging and phone apps on some cell phones do provide end-to-end encryption however, that generally only happens if the person you’re talking to or texting also has the same brand as you. If they have any other cell phone brand the encryption may not happen.

What’s the solution? There are several very good, mostly free, apps that can be downloaded to cellphones to provide end-to-end encryption. One caveat is that the people you are going to text or call also need to have that app too. So if you have employees that need to text each other for work, one of these solutions should be chosen for all of them to use for that purpose. This way all business dealings will be end-to-end encrypted in order to help add an extra layer of security to your business communications.

Best Secure Messaging Apps

What’s App

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What’s App provides end-to-end encryption to provide extra security for all your messages and calls made through the app. This ensures that only you and the people you are calling or messaging will be able to read messages or listen to phone calls from you. Also, What’s App states that they can not even access your messages or phone calls.

In addition to sending messages and making phone calls with end-to-end encryption, What’s App also let’s you have group chats (which is great for your team to stay up to date with each other), exchange videos and documents as well as send voice messages to each other.

The cost of What’s App is free and it also allows you to chat with anyone, anywhere for free by using your wi-fi connection and not racking up your cell phone’s voice minutes should you be on that type of plan.

You can download What’s App here or by searching for it in your phones app store. It is used world-wide by millions of people and is very reliable as well.



Signal is well-known for being the app used and endorsed by Whistleblower and privacy advocate, Edward Snowden. All messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted and no one but you and the people you communicate with can be in on the conversation. Signal has no access to any of your messages or calls either, which makes this a great app for your business.

Signal also allows your employees to take part in group messages, texts, voice and video calls as well as exchange documents and picture messages for free and with proven security in place.



Viber is another app that has end-to-end encryption for messages, phone calls, videos, video calls, and photos. Viber also has end-to-end encryption on one-on-one and group chats as well so your employees can discuss business without worrying about anyone else intercepting the information.

This app also is compatible with iOS and Android as well as has desktop and Windows 10 platforms so communication can happen anywhere you and your employees are.

You can download Viber here or by searching for it on your phone’s app store.



Apple’s iMessaging app does have end-to-end encryption installed on all of its products so if your company supplies or approves of only iPhones for its communications then this app is perfectly fine. It’s also safe to say in the wake of Apple’s face off with the FBI a few years ago, that Apple is committed to your privacy. So you can feel confident that only the people that you intend to see your messages will.

These are just four of the many messaging and phone apps that are available with end-to-end encryption and there are more showing up all the time. Choosing the best app for you and your organization depends on what you need it for and which app you feel more comfortable with.

Your business data and communications need to be secure. If you need help making sure every aspect of your business is secure, call DataOne Networks today at (888) 825-2987 or fill out our online Contact Us form here.

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